About Us

Our Vision: To assist companies in creating and growing their communities.

Who We Are

We connect people
On a global scale

We love creating work that's innovative, questions the norm and is memorable.

We also love delivering results to our clients that are beyond their expectations, but understand this starts by being ourselves. It's when we do this that results are achieved in an unimaginable way.

Despite starting as a small company focussing on logic and technicalities, we have expanded into a firm that boasts creativity and innovation. Our creativity expands beyond the limitations of a drawing board, and continues through to every project we craft. The inventions of our team stretch beyond the systems and processes that exist, and are formulated by constantly questioning why the world is the way it is.

Station Five is a team of forward thinkers, questioning the limitations of the world, and how we can expand on them. By combining these thought processes with creativity and innovation, we are able to ensure this propagates into every project we embark upon.

Based in Sydney, but working on a national scale, we have been able to produce results on a global scale for our clients. These extend to the likes of BUPA, AMP Capital, FEX Global, Workout Meals and the Rural Doctor's Association of Australia.

What We Do

Station Five is a custom software development consultancy specialising in web and mobile applications.

We work tirelessly to deliver a unique product, in a timely and cost-efficient manner, with convenient and efficient support.

As we aim at developing solutions tailored to your unique buiness needs, we pride ourselves on using the latest and most advanced coding languages. We also adapt to particular projects by upskilling ourselves in any new technologies required.

Our Values

Our team has a rich set of values that set us apart from our industry. We strive for results by remaining ourselves. And it's when we do this that truly beautiful things are achieved.

  1. Bring people together, through whatever means possible.
  2. Silence the noise, focus on what matters most in life.
  3. Defy the status quo if it means remaining true to yourself.
  4. To be the influencer of drive in your life.
  5. Be a skeptic.
  6. Act on a thought, questioning the beliefs of others.
  7. Stay humble, regardless of your achievements.
  8. Always celebrate the accomplishments of those around you.
  9. Share your ideas, passions and dreams with others, regardless of the wit.
  10. Grow as an individual, never allowing one day to be less than the last.

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