Case Studies

  • BUPA

    Station Five teamed up with a local UX/UI agency “Friendly” for front-end development work for BUPA.

    By using this product, BUPA was able to clearly communicate a product migration via a microsite developed by us. The microsite was cross-browser compatible to cater for the large number of people visiting the website, with a thorough testing process across all major browsers and all devices. This ranged from mobile phones through to large monitors.

  • Quest Events

    Quest Events approached Station Five to improve the simplicity of adding events to their website, along with a redesign.

    Adding events to their website was extremely cumbersome, and was resolved by breaking their event pages into numerous fields with advanced automation techniques. This reduced the time required for Quest Events to spend on their website, allowing more time to be spent on their marketing and lead generation. Coupled with cloud infrastructure, Quest Events' changes have allowed the company to flourish on an innovations level, providing their team with more time for marketing.

  • Workout Meals

    Workout Meals approached Station Five for a more robust website with improved scalability.

    We were able to develop Workout Meals on an improved platform (Drupal), allowing us to develop a website that adhered to their pre-existing brand guidelines. From this, a database was constructed that allowed for scalability as Workout Meals grows, ensuring their website does not limit their company plans. We then added features into their website such as the custom meal builder, variety plans and sides (amongst others!), which have added huge benefits to their customers, and allowed the company to expand rapidly.

  • Customer Return

    Customer Return approached Station Five for a modern website that built upon its existing branding.

    The result is a website that communicates its message with potential and existing clients in a much more concise, easy-to-read manner. Using psychoanalytics, content has been positioned to highlight the company's offerings to the correct audience in an engaging technique.

  • Fit'n'Flexed

    Fit'n'Flexed addressed Station Five for a website to aid their upcoming television show in Australia.

    Initially used as a blog to communicate with their fans, Fit'n'Flexed was developed into an online community spanning a worldwide Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presence. The website acts as a the centrepiece for their digital marketing, with viral email campaigns, Facebook posts and articles gaining global traction.

    Fit'n'Flexed boasts an extremely loyal audience across multiple mediums, and continues to grow organically to date.

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