Retargeting Campaigns

Have you ever visited a website, and soon after decided to visit Facebook...then, within minutes, that website is advertising on your newsfeed?

This phenomenon is known as retargeted advertising, and is setup in such a way to ensure those interested in your website, who also don't fulfil some action (such as checking out) find their way back on your site to finish what you intended for them.

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Retargeting Campaign Example

Let's run an example! A user visits your website after placing a search on Google. They view your products, and add the products to their cart.

However, just before they can finalise the process, they get scared away by the large price tag attached to the five products they've just added.

Naturally, people get a little carried away shopping online, and don't realise the cost they are accumulating as they continue to add products to their cart.

As expected, they venture over to their favourite social media website, such as Facebook.

Upon reaching Facebook, they receive an advertisement for your website, now offering 10% off. What a steal!

They carry on back to your website, where they checkout using that same cart, but now with the 10% discount that makes the price affordable.

Just to top it all off, you now have them on your email marketing list as a potential lead for future promotions.

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